Meal Prepping for a Challenge

Meal Prepping for a Challenge

I thought I would blog about some of the ways that I prepare myself for an Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  The adage: “Fail to plan and you plan to fail” could not be more true when it comes to health, wellness and sticking to your goals.  Meal prep is the high mark for staying on track each week and to allow yourself the motivation to not give in to unhealthy options.

Some of the tips that help me to stay successful each week are:

1. Meal Plan – having a plan each and every day helps to not only stay on task, but to also know if you are falling short of meals or daily calorie goals.

2. Meal Prep – for days when you need food “on the go” and on hand, so that cheap/fast/unhealthy foods are not an option when you are short on time during the week.

3. Never allow myself to get hungry – I shoot for 120 oz. of water a day minimum, with my goal of 1 gallon in mind.  I also eat 6 meals a day so that I am never too hungry to make a healthy meal decision, or give in to cravings.

4. Plan workouts – along with the meal plan, schedule yourself workouts throughout the week.  See a workout as an important meeting with yourself that you cannot miss, and then hold yourself to it.

5.  Get a full night’s rest – set yourself a bed time, set a consistent wake time.  Being fully rested and on a proper sleep schedule gives you more energy, you are less hungry, and better able to stick to your plan.

6. Bring others in on your journey!  Whether it is your Advocare “coach” or a friend, coworker or family member.  They can help hold you accountable, support you and your healthy decisions, and you could gain a gym partner.

So, on to my meal prep…

I like to make sure that I always have some form of breakfast prepped for the week.  Breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day for me to prepare because I am just not a morning person.  So, I accept this fact and plan accordingly by having all breakfast ready to go!  Below you will see one of my go-to’s: muffin eggs!  I put spinach, onion, almond milk and seasonings in mine.

Muffin eggs!

Muffin eggs!

Another staple in my meal prepping for the colder months is turkey chili!  This is really easy to make and lasts for 6 full hearty meals throughout the week.  Chili is also a great option to be frozen if you choose to not have all 6 servings that week.  A great example of being ultra prepared!

Chilli, meal prep

Another snack/meal option to have on hang for on-the-go is Quest Bars.  They are low carb and high protein, very highly recommended by some of the most successful in the fitness industry.  My favorite are the cookies and cream.

Quest Bars

Quest Bars

This was a small insight into some of my weekly meal prepping!  Coming soon will be more details regarding my meal prepping for a 10 Day Cleanse and the Max Phase of the 24 Day Challenge, along with my day-by-day journey through my Advocare experience!

If you would like more information regarding Advocare products, the 24 Day Challenge, some of my recipes, etc. please feel free to email me at  I am always looking for more people to join my team and to join me on this journey.  🙂

For the love of health,



One thought on “Meal Prepping for a Challenge

  1. I am so like you with the breakfast prep being a necessity! I usually go with hard boiled eggs and this great Banana Oat Muffin recipe. I like your muffin egg idea. That might have to go in to my arsenal of healthy breakfast choices. Good luck with your challenge!

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