Controlling My Destiny, Part 1

I am a survivor.

Five years ago, I was hit by a drunk driver.  The impact of the collision caused me to suffer from a concussion that took over two years to heal.  Ever since that impact, I have suffered from migraines.  Migraines from every, single little possible insult.  And I was sick and tired of it.

drunk driving

I couldn’t work out. Studies maxed me out.  Not enough sleep, not enough water, not enough food, and the list goes on… would each induce a migraine.  For five years migraines had taken away from my quality of life.  Until now.

After seeking much medical help, treatment and therapy, I took an additional step on my own.  I chose to take charge of my situation, after tirelessly treating my condition for three years.  I found a company and products that not only worked for my overall health, but also ones that I utilized to combat my migraines.

I now work out four times a week at 7 am.  A feat unheard of if you know anything about me.  Simply typing that sentence excites me.  How far I have come.

The company that helped me to start ,and continue, working out again is Advocare.  I currently use three different products just so that I can get up and work out each morning, and then make it through the day migraine-free.

I start my morning with Spark.  I use O2 Gold prior to my workout.  And I end my workout with Rehydrate.

I am smiling as I type this, proud of how far I have come and how much better I feel each and every day.

For anyone who battles migraines, I highly recommend you try this.  Please comment or contact me – this has changed my life!  Enclosed is my link to the Advocare site.  Visit it.  Contact me to learn more :).  We can take control of our destinies.  We can take back our lives.

Link to my site.

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Stay tuned for my progress as I Control My Destiny :).