My Advocare Journey

My Advocare Journey

I was explaining my Advocare success story to my cousin when she said, “Hey, why don’t you blog about it?  I’m always looking up blogs for recipes, advice and tips.”  So, now that it is 2015 and one of the items on my bucket list is to journal more, here I am.

Let’s start with 2014.  In 2014, I lost 24 pounds.  Amidst dental school, stress, terrible situation after terrible situation, and undoubtably the worst year of my life, I managed to lose 24 pounds in a healthy and sustainable way.  This accomplishment is not only one to cheer about, but my one true positive achievement from 2014.  So here is a little glance at my results.

Before and after 2014

This is me, before and after 2014

I could not be more proud of my transformation.

As I continue to use Advocare products and complete cleanses and challenges, I have started recording what I have been doing.  From meal prep, products, to finding fitness centers when on the road – I have it catalogued and it will be appearing here in my blogs.

So, I ask you to join me on this journey – will you continue to follow my posts?  Or will you be the one to reach out and contact me about joining my Advocare team?

Eat well and exercise.


Stay tuned as my journey unfolds!

In the name of beauty, and whatever that means to you, xoxo.


Try, Try, Try Again

Try, Try, Try Again

Two months ago, I took on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I was at the point where I really needed to turn my lifestyle around when it came to eating and drinking habits.  I decided that enough was enough and I needed to take back my health and the physique I desired (and knew I was capable of having).  I reached out to an acquaintance, who became a dear friend through this process, and asked for help.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very discrete person, especially when it comes to my weight.  I was really reaching outside of my comfort zone in simply seeking her help.  She took me in and guided me to Advocare.  I not only liked the products, and find them to be effective, but I also strongly agree with the principle behind the company and its success – the concepts of eat clean, exercise regularly and include weightlifting, eat to lose weight, eat for your health, eat in such a way to boost your metabolism, etc.  I am NOT into diets, especially diet fads, and this is the first program in which I felt as though the foundation was consistent with my own values.

Link to information on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

So I took on the challenge amidst school, finals, time constraints and commitments.  I devoted as much as I could, considering my circumstances.  I lost a respectable amount of weight on the challenge and gained healthy habits that would continue moving me forward in my journey to take back my body and health.

Then, life happened.  I lost track of my progress and I was less dedicated.  Before I knew it, I gained most of the weight back.  Frustrated and disappointed, I had to re-motivate myself and restart again.

Since then, I have started over a second time, but am starting to see results again!  I have not given up.  I have accepted my setback and moved forward.  I am not defined by my weight.  I am not defined by how long it takes me to reach  my goal.  What matters is that I tried and am STILL trying.  I will reach my goal in due time.

My resilience, despite my lack-of-progress period, gives me hope.  I credit this to my friend who serves as my coach and soundboard through all of my ups and downs.  She keeps me focused, especially on the positive.  Most importantly, she supports me.  Having that support and knowing that I am worthy, I am enough, has gotten me through and still swinging.

Through the struggle of this past month, I am reminded of a favorite quote from  A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN:

“The hard is what makes it great.”

The hard is what makes progress so satisfying.  I cannot guarantee that I will not have setbacks in the next year of working towards this goal.  What I can say is that I will try, try, try again.