My Advocare Journey

My Advocare Journey

I was explaining my Advocare success story to my cousin when she said, “Hey, why don’t you blog about it?  I’m always looking up blogs for recipes, advice and tips.”  So, now that it is 2015 and one of the items on my bucket list is to journal more, here I am.

Let’s start with 2014.  In 2014, I lost 24 pounds.  Amidst dental school, stress, terrible situation after terrible situation, and undoubtably the worst year of my life, I managed to lose 24 pounds in a healthy and sustainable way.  This accomplishment is not only one to cheer about, but my one true positive achievement from 2014.  So here is a little glance at my results.

Before and after 2014

This is me, before and after 2014

I could not be more proud of my transformation.

As I continue to use Advocare products and complete cleanses and challenges, I have started recording what I have been doing.  From meal prep, products, to finding fitness centers when on the road – I have it catalogued and it will be appearing here in my blogs.

So, I ask you to join me on this journey – will you continue to follow my posts?  Or will you be the one to reach out and contact me about joining my Advocare team?

Eat well and exercise.


Stay tuned as my journey unfolds!

In the name of beauty, and whatever that means to you, xoxo.


The Story behind Resilient Beauty

The Story behind Resilient Beauty

I’ve wanted to start a blog for some time. My reservations always kept me from doing so. “I don’t have anything interesting enough going on in my life to report.” “I don’t want to start until I can get my blogs/writing just right.” Then I realized, I have valuable things to say and deep thoughts to express through writing, so why not blog about that? I also realized that my perfectionism was hindering me from branching out and trying something that could bring joy to my life.

Note: I have been reading DARING GREATLY by Brene Brown. Absolutely love it. I highly recommend it to anyone, you ALL can relate to it! It is especially helpful for those who are open to Brown’s words and have the self insight to apply them to themselves. Thus, as a result of reading this book, I have decided to put my perfectionism in check and to start with my first blog post.

To begin, I figured I would define Resilient Beauty. The definitions that remain truest to how I view these words are as follows:

Resilience: the ability to recover from adversity; buoyancy.
Beauty: A combination of qualities that pleases the intellect or moral sense.

One of my greatest and most favorite attributes is Resilience. Resilience is absolutely necessary to make it through hardship and day-to-day life while still remaining true to yourself.

I chose the word Beauty because I know and believe that I am beautiful. I look for beauty in every one and every thing, everywhere I go. I also believe that it is perfectly modest to make such statements. We all have the right to know our own worth. To be able to state out loud that we find ourselves beautiful. You are enough. So let us begin here and now. Get on my level – don’t just state that you are beautiful, BELIEVE it.


I want this blog to be an outlet, a reference, a lighthouse guiding someone home. Something to give someone hope. A vehicle for positive thoughts and stories. A promotor of love and paying it forward. So, carpe la blog!